Re-create a Bill That Cannot Be “Undone” in Timeslips

Sometimes the most recent bill is correct, but the previous bill is incorrect and needs to be reissued. Timeslips will not let you undo any but the most recent bill, and there can be circumstances where even the most current bill cannot be undone.

Here are the instructions for reversing out the incorrect invoice and replacing it with a new invoice, which we will call the “replacement bill”.

  1. If possible run a Timeslips backup to preserve the status of the database prior to making changes.
  2. If there is only one more recent bill that the one you want to undo, and you can undo the more recent bill, go to Bills> Undo Approved Bills, and undo the bill.
  3. Open the client record and hold time and expense slips on the next bill. (Names > Client Info > Select client > Arrangement 1 > Hold time charges > On next bill > Hold expense charges > On next bill) This will prevent time and expense charges from being included on the correction bill.
  4. Change the bill date to make it the same as the date of the incorrect bill. (Bills > Revise Bill Date).
  5. Enter a credit for the amount of the bill that is being reversed out, using the same date as the incorrect billing. (Transactions > Accounts Receivable > Select client > New payment > Credit > Enter Amount and date. Apply the credit to one or more prior invoices and save the transaction.)
  6. Run and approve a bill for the client. This bill will not be sent to the client, but will be marked as a correction bill and filed. This bill should show only the incorrect prior balance, the correction payment, and the correct new balance.
  7. Go to the list of slips, Show Slips, and set the view to by Client, for the date range of the bill you wish to correct. Then highlight each slip that you want to include on the replacement bill, and click the duplicate slip icon (on the right in the toolbar). A new slip will be created with the same information. Edit the slip if necessary, then click save. Go back to the list view and keeping duplicating slips until all of the slips you need in the replacement bill have been created.
  8. Verify that the date is the date you need on the replacement bill. (Bills > Revise Bill Date).
  9. Run the replacement bill. Bills > Generate Bills. Be sure to select only the client and the date range of slips that you need to include on the bill. When the bill has been generated, and you have confirmed that it is correct, approve it.
  10. Go back to Bills > Revise Bill Date, and set the bill date back to today.

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